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Tv above fireplace - considerations

For many years in Essex our clients have asked us about integrating their TV above the fireplace. We call it a media wall as this is your family entertainment hub.

Common questions we have are:

My TV will be too high?

Your TV must be designed at the desired height for optimum viewing, several factors are taken into consideration to apply the perfect height. Room size, size of TV, design of the equipment.

The system you have will determine the height, your fire height, height off the floor, air flow spacing, soundbars, they all play a part competing for space will elevate the TV upwards. It is our job to make sure the balance works for your specific design.

Where do i put my sky box or other equipment?

Where possible we always look to conceal your equipment, even if it is visible to the side of the Media wall, we always prefer the boxes to be hidden from the front face. Careful planning and design assures we provide the best, most discreet outcome.

How deep is the media wall?

The minimum depth for a designer electric fire is 315 mm, ordinarily the largest element in a media wall is the fire. The design can be made any size to suit the joinery, storage or alternative appliance.

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